My name’s Stefan, and I’m a freelance writer. I cover all sorts of topics, but I especially love writing about speculative fiction, history and action sports. Head on over to my bio page to learn more about me, or you can visit my copywriting services page if you’re interested in checking out some of my copywriting projects and services. Lastly, if you’d like to check out some of my nonfiction writing samples, you can take a look at some of my favorites below. Thanks for visiting.


Writing Samples

Southbay Magazine:
November 2013: Jiu-Jitstu Masters: The Gracie Family
May/June 2013: The Life of Dewey Weber
May 2014: Rescue Revisited: Marley’s Mutts
July 2014: LeRoy Grannis, Surf Photographer
February-March 2015: Interview with Hollywood Stuntwoman

LA Weekly:
December 2013: It Never Snows in L.A.
June 2014: An L.A. School for Medieval Sword Fighting
June 2014: Nerd Nite L.A.
September 2014: Elite Dodgeball

March 2011: The Surfer: Categorizing the Unknown
January 2014: Long Beach Revival
April 2014: Profile on Urban Surf Artist Damian Fulton

LMU Magazine:
November 2013: Why Word Balloons Matter Today
January 2014: SFTV Alumnus Films Super Bowl Pre-Ad
April 2014: Drones in the Spotlight
July 2014: A Witness to the Music Revolution
September 2014: The Body Tells A Story
October 2014: Surfing in Italy
December 2014: The Giveback — Family Roots
January 2015: How Sunken Garden Got Its Name
May 2015: Team Rubicon

Pasadena Magazine:
September/October 2014: Top Local Independent Bookstores
November 2014: Interview with Joachim Splichal
January-February 2015: 3D Printing in Pasadena

February 2012: Lake Surfing in Cleveland, Ohio

August 2013: Top Beach Activities in Los Angeles
June 2014: Walking in Los Angeles

The Thrillist:
May 2014: Top Panaderias in Los Angeles

Ventura Blvd:
June 2013: Restaurant Preview: Pedalers Fork
July 2013: Jud Meyer’s Blastoff Comics
November 2013: Loaded Issue: Gun Control in the San Fernando Valley

805 Living:
June 2013: PULSE in the 805
December 2013: PULSE in the 805

The Airship:
May 2014: Free Comic Book Day, 2014
June 2014: The Best Works of Surf Fiction
July 2014: Graphic Novels are Ridiculous — and That’s OK

Nerd Approved Media, LLC:

San Fernando Valley Business Journal:
March 2011: Oldest Manufacturers in the Valley

LA Chef Interviews, 2011
Bradford Kent
Ben Ford
Joe Kim
Josef Centeno
Ray Garcia