Writing Samples

October 2016: Five Ways to Float Your Boat
July 2016: Dining at Sea: Meals on Keels
March 2016: Whale Graveyards
November 2015: The Original Container Ships

Southbay Magazine:

November 2013: Jiu-Jitstu Masters: The Gracie Family
May/June 2013: The Life of Dewey Weber
May 2014: Rescue Revisited: Marley’s Mutts
July 2014: LeRoy Grannis, Surf Photographer
February-March 2015: Interview with Hollywood Stuntwoman
June 2015: Profile on E-Tech Surfboards

LA Weekly:
December 2013: It Never Snows in L.A.
June 2014: An L.A. School for Medieval Sword Fighting
June 2014: Nerd Nite L.A.
September 2014: Elite Dodgeball

March 2011: The Surfer: Categorizing the Unknown
January 2014: Long Beach Revival
April 2014: Profile on Urban Surf Artist Damian Fulton

LMU Magazine:
November 2013: Why Word Balloons Matter Today
January 2014: SFTV Alumnus Films Super Bowl Pre-Ad
April 2014: Drones in the Spotlight
July 2014: A Witness to the Music Revolution
September 2014: The Body Tells A Story
October 2014: Surfing in Italy
December 2014: The Giveback — Family Roots
January 2015: How Sunken Garden Got Its Name
May 2015: Team Rubicon

Pasadena Magazine:
September/October 2014: Top Local Independent Bookstores
November 2014: Interview with Joachim Splichal
January-February 2015: 3D Printing in Pasadena

February 2012: Lake Surfing in Cleveland, Ohio

August 2013: Top Beach Activities in Los Angeles
June 2014: Walking in Los Angeles

The Thrillist:
May 2014: Top Panaderias in Los Angeles

Ventura Blvd:
June 2013: Restaurant Preview: Pedalers Fork
July 2013: Jud Meyer’s Blastoff Comics
November 2013: Loaded Issue: Gun Control in the San Fernando Valley

805 Living:
June 2013: PULSE in the 805
December 2013: PULSE in the 805

The Airship:
May 2014: Free Comic Book Day, 2014
June 2014: The Best Works of Surf Fiction
July 2014: Graphic Novels are Ridiculous — and That’s OK

Nerd Approved Media, LLC:

San Fernando Valley Business Journal:
March 2011: Oldest Manufacturers in the Valley

LA Chef Interviews, 2011
Bradford Kent
Ben Ford
Joe Kim
Josef Centeno
Ray Garcia